Orphans Need Help

Manager of MRA Risk Management, Mohd Rawi Abdullah, took time to share the Hari Raya joy with five kids who had lost their parents. Their father, Jamsyari Osman, had a stroke and died recently. Their mother passed away after a prolonged illness last year at their rented house in Serendah, Selangor.

The orphans, Ahmad Sauqi, 8, Ahmad Syakir, 6, Ahmad Syamil, 11, Anis Syafiya, 5, and Anis Syamimi, 13, are being cared for by a relative, Rosdi Jaraee, 53. Rosdi is an odd-job man and is currently working at a ceramic factory in Bidor, Perak.

Rawi’s assistance was timely indeed as the family was in dire need of basic necessities. His RM1000 donation plus some foodstuffs will help lessen the family’s burden. “I’m thankful for the gifts,” said Rosdi.

“It’s the Hari Raya festive season and as devout Muslims we should help the less fortunate,” said Rawi to Ipoh Echo.

Assistance should not end there alone, readers wishing to chip in can do their part by calling Rosdi on his mobile: 016 565 8742.

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