A Historic Changeover

Perak-based 2nd Malaysian Infantry Brigade is no longer under command of Penang-based Headquarters 2nd Malaysian Infantry Division effective Thursday, August 1. The brigade, as of the date, comes under the command of the KL-based Headquarters 4th Malaysian Infantry Division, located at Wardieburn Camp, Setapak.

The reconsolidation exercise involved other infantry brigades in West Malaysia. The objective is to standardise the holding strength of brigades under the command of Headquarters Army Corps (West Malaysia). It is in keeping to the 3:1 concept (three brigades to a division) practised thus far. The area of responsibility of the 2nd Brigade, however, remains the same.

To mark this historic occasion, a ceremonial parade was held on Thursday, August 1 at the drill square of Syed Putra Camp, Ipoh.

Present were Army Corps Commander (West Malaysia), Lt-Gen Dato’ Hj Mohd Nazir Hj Mami, General Officer Commanding 2nd Malaysian Infantry Division, Major-General Dato’ Mardzuki Muhammad, General Officer Commanding 4th Malaysian Infantry Division, Major-General Dato’ Pahlawan Redzuan Hj Baharuddin, Commander 2nd Malaysian Infantry Brigade, Brigadier-General Malek Razak Sulaiman, Commander 11th Malaysian Infantry Brigade, Brigadier-General Dato’ Dr Mohd Radzi Hj Abd Hamid and Commander 12th Malaysian Infantry Brigade, Brigadier-General Marzuki Hj Mokhtar

The static parade, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Mohd Safarudin Abd Aziz @ Mohd Arif, consisted of 31 officers and 600 Other Ranks. The soldiers on parade sang the army martial song, “Gagah Setia”. This was followed by a demonstration of battle procedures in a scenario where imposters had infiltrated an operational area and were stopped at the guard post.

Armoured personnel carriers, vamtacs and scramblers made their entrance bearing the 2nd Brigade scroll and flag. On a word of command, those on parade replaced their armbands simultaneously. The ceremony ended with the lowering of the 2nd Division flag and the raising of the 4th Division flag.

Lt-Gen Dato’ Hj Mohd Nazir explained, “Fourth Infantry Division is in charge of the central region where the seat of the government is. The division, which formerly had 11th and 12th Infantry Brigades under its command, was technically under strength and can’t sufficiently protect the seat of the government. Thus, the 2nd Brigade is added to ensure an equilibrium. This is also in conformity with the establishment of the 30th Infantry Brigade in Perlis which will soon be made a combat brigade on par with others.

Following this adjustment, every division will now have three brigades. Headquarters 2nd Infantry Division will retain three brigades namely, 6th, 8th and 30th while 4th Infantry Division will have 2nd, 11th and 12th.”

The amiable commander added, “Both divisions are under command of Headquarters Army Corps (West Malaysia). Second Division will lose one brigade and the state of Perak. Fourth Division will now be responsible for Perak, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur while 2nd Division is in charge of five (formerly six) states namely, Penang, Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan and Terengganu. It’ll be more balanced from the perspective of command and control.”

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