Preventive Care at GramerC

Available internationally and only in GramerC Perak in the whole of Malaysia, are two one-of-a-kind pieces of equipment: Sound & Light Frequenter (Mind Relaxer) and Redox 7 (Cell Relive Cabin).

Utilised for health and preventive care without the use of chemicals or medicine, the equipment is invented by Mike Tseng, CEO of Afar Group, Afar USA LLC and LUXWELL.

“To date, we export to Germany, America, China and Singapore. It is known that when one’s internal body temperature increases by one degree Celsius, your immune system will be increased automatically by five times, which is fantastic. The point is, how do you raise the temperature? You may achieve it by running a marathon but that may be too tough for some people. Thus, we make use of far infrared in Redox 7 to vibrate the cells. Redox 7 also removes heavy metals inside your body caused by industrial pollution via deep sweating,” explained Tseng who was awarded a gold medal at the prestigious Concours Lépine International Paris 2015, an international invention fair.

Cell Relive Cabin & Mind Relaxer

Plus, Redox 7 ensures nutrients and fresh oxygen are fully delivered to the skin resulting in a smoother complexion. The success stories of local clients using the Redox 7 included a female suffering from psoriasis for 12 years, who recovered after only 38 days and a 76-year-old with high blood pressure who saw significant improvement after only 15 minutes.

“I had weak knees and was wheelchair-bound due to arthritis and old age. After trying Redox 7 daily for almost a year, I could walk even up the slopes minus the pain. My son bought the machine for me to use at home for convenience,” Liew Kon Thai, 75, said.

“I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer back in 2017 and developed deep vein thrombosis just months back in the lower calf of my left leg. The swelling did not reduce much despite medication. Then I underwent meridian point therapy (to be launched soon) which stimulates blood flow complemented by Redox 7. I treated it as a form of exercise as 20 minutes on Redox 7 is equivalent to 4 hours of jogging. After one and a half months, there is a 90% reduction in my swelling (pic above),” S.K. Chow, 63, shared with Ipoh Echo.

Suitable for all ages, both pieces of equipment can be used daily. “Some of the satisfied customers even purchase the equipment to bring back home. A male customer with Parkinson’s has recovered by 70% (based on his brain wave record) in just one month of using the Sound & Light Frequenter which targets nerves in the brain and relaxes the mind. Therefore, it relieves stress for good sleep and enhances concentration,” Tseng added.

Currently, GramerC offers an exclusive rate of RM98 for two treatments (Redox 7 and Super Lucy Brain Light Set) complete with the best of services led by the amiable Grace Cheah, Managing Director of GramerC.

Interested readers can call 05 545 2293 or swing by GramerC Perak located at 1 Jalan Medan Ipoh Bistari 1B/1, Medan Ipoh Bistari, 31400 Ipoh (operates from 10am to 7pm every day except Wednesday). Check out GramerC Perak Facebook page for more updates.

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