Immunotherapy and Cancer Treatment

The final day of All Life Talk Series by biopharma All Life Group was held in August at Symphony Suites Hotel.

Open to the public, the All Life Talk Series aimed to educate the public on immunotherapy and at the same time engage with stakeholders on the latest advances in this field of cancer research and treatment.

The speakers of the day were Dr Yan Shuyin, the deputy director of Biotherapy Centre of Yunnan New Kun Hua Hospital in Kunming, Dr Tan Shengjiang, senior research associate in the Department of Haematology at the University of Cambridge and Dr Shen Zhenglei, deputy director in Haematology Department of Yunnan Cancer Hospital.

Renowned professors from both Cambridge University, United Kingdom and Peking University, People’s Republic of China were invited for the three-day event. It was an enlightening sharing session of their current research and the latest advances in immunotherapy in the areas of prostate, ovarian, colorectal cancer as well as lymphoma and leukaemia.

Headquartered in Beijing, the All Life Group is a biopharma enterprise founded by a team of scientists, with the aspiration of providing advance cell technology-based solutions to help solve current degenerative diseases and chronic illness.

In Malaysia, All Life Group has established its first overseas cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) laboratory under Alllife Advance Immunology Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur.

Present that afternoon were Professor Yuchun Gu, chairman and chief scientist of All Life Medical Science and Technology Co Ltd, Chan Wing Kwong, director of All Life Bio Technology Sdn Bhd and Yap Fu Fah, director of All Life Advance Immunology Sdn Bhd. Professor Yuchun Gu is the chair of molecular pharmacology at Peking University’s Institute of Molecular Medicine.

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