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Elaine’s Solo Exhibition

By Gisele Soo

Elaine Wong, a free-spirited artist conducted her solo exhibition at Tin Alley, Ipoh, for the first time. An opening speech was given by the artist herself to express her utmost gratitude for the success of the show on Friday, December 6.

Besides her lively exhibition, numerous activities were also held. They included art and an awakening sharing session, woodworking and coffee art.

The objective was to share her creative journey with the community through her artwork and to inspire the younger generation. She believes in the growth of the creative community, especially the individuals.

“I want to tell a story about my creative spirit, which I’ve discovered recently, by expanding my creative side and came out as a real artist,” she expressed. “I felt something was missing and this is the reason I left the corporate world.”

Don’t be surprised if you see a black cat in her drawing, it is Elaine’s signature painting, “Black cat represents my inner-self,” she said. “Working as an artist has moulded me to become more eloquent, as I get to express myself freely.”

When asked about her choice of Ipoh as an exhibition location, the artist said she wanted to join the crowd and be part of the happenings here.

Elaine established a creative co-living space, ‘The Hatchery Place’ since the year 2015 located in Subang Jaya. The studio acts as a working and living home for her partner, Kevin and herself.

Besides collaborating with artists and digital nomads, they also organise events and workshops.

Need a space for an event?

Like ‘The Hatchery Place’, Tin Alley is also a curator space. Do check out Tin Alley’s Facebook page or call 016 661 3083 for details.

Wood-working workshop

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