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Shaved Ice: Cool Down like a Local

By Mei Kuan


Located along the roadside of Jalan Pantai in Kuala Kurau, its bestsellers are hong dou bing (shaved ice with colourful ingredients and syrups – RM3) and huang li bing (pineapple shaved ice – RM2). Yes, you hear the prices right!

What lies underneath the pile of fluffy shaved ice is a generous portion of ingredients from chunks of pineapple, grass jelly cut into strands to palm seeds – you name it.

Other items on the menu are various fresh fruit juices, fresh coconut water, coffee and tea.

For those who are craving some light bites, there is a fritters stall named Wang Yu Yuan Xi Ya Jian (Wang Yu Yuan Fritters) just next door, serving the famed prawn fritters which can be eaten with yellow noodle (noodle is optional), fried glutinous rice cake, banana fritters, sweet potato fritters and tapioca fritters among others since 1993.

One can opt to have food delivered from the three coffee shops on the other side of the road too.

Long Bing opens daily from 11.30am till 6pm while Wang Yu Yuan operates from 11am till 5pm (closed on Wednesday).

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