Trash Hero Ipoh

By Mei Kuan

Established in January 2019, Trash Hero Ipoh is a non-profit organisation under the global volunteer-led movement, Trash Hero World.

Ipoh Echo spoke to NorHazira Jalik, the Ipoh girl who founded Trash Hero Ipoh.

“I did beach clean-ups on my own for about four years in Kuantan while I was working there. One day, one of the Trash Hero members asked me to join their clean-up. That was my first time learning about Trash Hero and I set my heart to find out more. A year ago, I returned to Ipoh and decided to initiate this Trash Hero Chapter,” NorHazira, fondly known as Ira, told Ipoh Echo.

The objective of Trash Hero Ipoh is to create awareness that keeping our environment clean is a collective responsibility that we all share.

“We do clean-ups every week. Everyone can join when they are free. No cost. No sign-up. Just show up. Meanwhile, an eco-brick programme with SJK (T) Menglembu and SMK Rapat Setia will start in March,” she explained.

“For clean-ups, we collect data to identify problems and the kind of trash most likely to be found in that spot. After that, it will be given to the authorities for the next course of action. For talks, we raise awareness about plastic pollution and how dangerous it is to our health, society, economy, marine life, other creatures and also the planet,” Ira highlighted.

To date, Trash Hero Ipoh have carried out 35 clean-ups made possible by 295 volunteers including 48 children. A total of 620.7kg of trash, 24.2kg of recyclables and 15,394 cigarette butts were collected.

What motivates her to keep doing what she is doing? “The volunteers, who keep coming to support and have fun together with Trash Hero Ipoh. Plus the positive changes in the lifestyle of our family, friends and volunteers after joining Trash Hero clean-ups. Small changes can make a big impact in the future,” she enthused.

“We need to, together, make sure our home or city is clean by stopping the use of plastic, straw or other plastic packaging and opt for eco-bags, containers, water bottles etc.,” she concluded.

Interested readers who would like to get involved can visit the Trash Hero Ipoh Facebook page or its website: One can also email to or call 012 5982622.

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