Who’s in the Club Today? – Towkay Cheong (Episode 8)

It’s Saturday and as usual the Club is crowded. At the Mahjong table Ah Lee, in tidy attire as usual, is in his favourite seat with the faithful Soo close behind.

Sitting to one side is Yong, already with a glass of whisky and, in her left hand, a fan to move the humid air. She is waiting for her next ‘dancing’ partner! Sakura, a Japanese girl, is singing a beautiful love song. All is well in the Hakka Miners’ Club.

Across the table is Towkay Cheong. He is from the 1920’s and very early on he adopted the European style of dress. With white suit and shoes, a bow tie and a straw boater he is more English than those in the Colonial Government.

A very successful miner, Cheong is a kind man, famous for his generosity to health and education.

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Ian Anderson

A retired Royal Naval Commander and Permanent Resident of Malaysia, has lived in-country since 1989. A heritage enthusiast, born in 1939, he is the man behind ipohWorld, (http://www.ipohworld.org) Ipoh’s not-for-profit heritage company sponsored by Kinta Properties. A world-wide traveller who has visited more than 70 countries and who owned his own museum for more than 20 years, has a wealth of experience in heritage and history. An accomplished author and speaker, he edited, compiled and sponsored the popular book, ‘Ipoh, My Home Town’.

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