Karaoke Centres Are Ready to Adhere to SOP

Family karaoke centres are not allowed to resume operation throughout the period of Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) till August 31.

Chan Yat Fong

Manager of Enco Karaoke Centre, Chan Yat Fong explained that over RM40,000 has to be spent every month in order to sustain a karaoke centre, “We have to use our own savings to pay the staff’s salary and premises rent as we have not operated for more than three months since March 18. We also experience loss when we have to carry out maintenance works on the premises and when food like meat, fruits and vegetables have gone bad. The same goes for the drinks.”

According to Yat Fong, a memorandum on the standard operating procedure (SOP) has been submitted to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and Ministry of Health (KKM) applying for approval to operate.

“We hope to obtain permission from the government to operate and we are ready to play our part in containing the pandemic. Plus, we are prepared to adhere to the SOP as urged by the National Security Council (MKN) and KKM,” Yat Fong stated during a recent press conference at Unique Tea Cafe at Ipoh Soho.

The suggested SOPs include entry point screening  and allowing only four customers in a room at a time with operating times from 10am till 12 midnight.

Present were Manager of The Voice Karaoke, Chia Eu Gene; Kbox Karaoke, Ng Jeen Hong and Karok Karaoke, Lai Chee.



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