Standing Eggs!? 

When there’s a solar eclipse phenomenon, there’s a chance for the ‘standing eggs’ test.

The solar eclipse occurred just yesterday on June 21 between 2.42pm to 4.56pm.

According to a scientist’s statement found on the internet, the ‘standing eggs’ test on flat surfaces is due to effects by the linear positions of the Earth, moon and the Sun which causes a special gravitational pull.

In this situation, the egg white is pulled to the upper part of the egg while the slightly heavy yolk is pulled to the bottom, creating a balance. Not only that; scientists also opined that there are gravitational field lines between the Earth and the Sun which influences electrons inside the egg, stabilising it and enabling it to stand.  

In short, a solar eclipse occurs when the moon covers only a part of the Sun’s surface. 

Muslims are circumcised before performing solar eclipse prayers alone or in groups.


Rosli Mansor

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