Nearly 17 Million Worldwide Confirmed COVID-19 Cases 

According to a report from the Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia, some 253,000 confirmed worldwide daily COVID-19 cases were recorded latest today on July 30. This was an increase compared to yesterday (July 29) at just 223,000 cases, bringing the cumulative cases to nearly 17 million, at 16,911,561 cases.

Malaysia is still ranked at 84th place, with 8,956 confirmed cases, which includes 8,612 recovered cases (96.16 percent), 124 deaths (1.38 percent) and 220 active cases (2.46 percent).

MOH also reminded the nation to start wearing face masks when in public places which will be made mandatory starting August 1. Those who fail to do so will be fined RM1,000 immediately. 

“The announcement was made last week,” they said in a Facebook statement today. “Thus, there are no excuses for anyone anymore.”

Meanwhile, the top three countries with the most cases, the United States, Brazil and India, recorded an addition of 65,000, 38,000 and 51,000 cases respectively today.

Recovery rate has increased 60.79 percent (equivalent to roughly 10.3 million cases) in comparison to the day before at just 60.37 percent (equivalent to roughly 10.1 million cases).


Chris Teh


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