The Excitement of Receiving a New Prototype 3D-Printed Electronic Arm

Her excitement and happiness can be seen when 7-year-old Izza Adeera received a prototype three-dimensional (3D)-printed electronic arm created by Taiping-born chief executive officer of MyVista, Sujana Mohd Rejab, better known as ‘Pak Su’.

A disabled child, Izza was accompanied by her 42-year-old father, Faaizul Hisham. According to him, Izza was born with a right-hand disability.

“She used to wear a prosthetic arm but given her small physical shape, Izza felt uncomfortable wearing it for too long a duration,” Faaizul said during the contribution ceremony at Meru Raya Innovation and Multimedia Hub yesterday (September 10).

“Izza’s used to her condition, although it complicates her daily chores,” he added. “I’m very happy to see her excitement when she received a ‘new arm’.

“Hopefully, the new prototype electronic arm eases her daily chores,” Faaizul expressed. 

A marine engineer stationed in Lumut, Faaizul, who’s also a single father, brought along his older child, Izz Adeeka, 11.

Also present were the State Executive Councillor for Youth, Sports, Communication and Multimedia, Khairul Shahril Mohamed and chief executive officer for Digital Perak, Meor Rezal Fitri Meor Redwan.

Meanwhile, Sujana who is also a former teacher, mentioned that more than 60 3D-printed electronic arms have been created, with each unit costing between RM5,000 to RM10,000.

“What I’m doing is social service. I pay more attention to children like Izza. They should be given happiness at their current stage of life because they’ve yet to know their destiny,” he expressed. 


Rosli Mansor

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