Recital House by MB Inc at TT5

Muslim residents in Tanjung Tualang welcomed the inception of a Quranic recital house by MB Inc at the TT5 Tin Dredge heritage site. 

According to senior general manager for MB Inc, Nor Afzanizam Abd Manan, the recital house will provide exposure to the local community in reinforcing spiritual strength, besides encouraging the recital of al-Quran. 

“MB Inc isn’t only focused on economic development of the state, but also to instil virtues among locals,” he told reporters after launching the recital house recently. 

“The recital house is also a form of appreciation to Tanjung Tualang’s residents who’ve tremendously supported MB Inc’s management and development plans in the area,” Nor Afzanizam added. 

The recital house is fully funded by MB Inc. Upcoming activities include recital classes and knowledge programmes for those between six to 90 years of age. 

Nor Afzanizam mentioned that instructors chosen for the recital house are properly certified based on teaching models and regulations. 

“Hopefully, through this recital house, there’ll no longer be any rural residents who are left out from religious classes, particularly al-Quran recitals,” he expressed. 


Rosli Mansor 

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