Spritzer 100% Recyclable Bottle Craft Contest

Be Sustainable with “Spritzer 100% Recyclable Bottle Craft Contest”

Up to 30 prizes to be won including Surface Pro 7 and Lenovo

Spritzer Malaysia has announced another sustainable initiative in a fun way with “Spritzer 100%  Recyclable Bottle Craft Contest”. The contest is to promote greater awareness to use Spritzer 100% recyclable packaging and to unleash creativity in craft among Malaysians.

Environmental sustainability has always been the key corporate social initiative of Spritzer. Spritzer walks the talk by introducing lightweight bottles made with 35% less plastic, innovating easy twist bottles to save 57% recycling space and utilises the 1st ever plant-based bottles that helps reduce carbon footprint by approximately 30%. Today, not only Spritzer Natural Mineral Water bottles are produced using PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) but the labels as well, which are now considered as 100% recyclable. Widely used in the industry due to hygiene purposes, it ensures the quality of the food and beverage.

The Contest will run from 21st Sept to 20th Nov 2020 and there are up to 30 prizes for grab including Surface Pro 7 and Lenovo laptops. A plastic bottle can be a very useful material for craft. It can be reused and turned into a vase, pencil holder, decorative lamp, useful household items and many other things. The limit is only your imagination. Malaysians are encouraged to unleash their creativity to craft with Spritzer Sustainable Packaging.

The Contest is opened to all Malaysian. Information about the contest can be accessed through Spritzer Malaysia official Facebook page

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