Seram Tales @ Ipoh Coming Our Way 

Sharpened Word will be having its October session on the 31st, featuring the Stephen King of Malaysia, Tunku Halim and Taiping-based ghost story writer, Julya Oui.

Yes, dear readers, you guessed it right…The session will be based on Seram Tales @ Ipoh, where attendees will have the opportunity to share their own scary experiences! This is in line with the Halloween celebration which falls on the same day.

Tunku Halim is a lawyer by profession and a ghost story writer by passion. His stories draw inspiration from a multitude of local myths and superstitions. Tunku Halim is also known as the ‘Malaysian Stephen King’ in reference to the American best-selling ghost story writer. (sourced from Nikkei Asia)

Julya Oui is a Taiping-based ghost story writer, whose love for a good story inspires her to write ‘to appease her imagination and reaffirm her sanity’. She grew up with a vast collection of stories that go bump in the night, like The Twilight Zone, Stephen King creations and many more. (sourced from

To find out more about them both, be sure to head to 22 Hale Street this coming October 31 at 2.30pm to 5pm. Don’t be spooked.




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