Worrisome Spike of Domestic Violence Since MCO 

Domestic violence involving women has become worse among the adult society in recent days.

According to the director of Perak State Women Development, Kavaramma Subramaniyam, the increment of domestic violence cases skyrocketed since the enforcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in late March this year.

“These cases which involve physical and emotional abuse have shown a worrisome spike,” she told reporters during the Stop Domestic Violence 2020 programme held by Perak State Community Development Council (MPMNP) at Sultan Abdul Aziz Recreation Park (Polo Ground) recently.

Present were president of MPMNP, Dato’ Rafaai Mokthar, bureau chief of welfare, Pathma Devi, who’s also chairman of the programme and some 100 individuals from various NGOs. They walked a kilometre around Polo Ground to distribute flyers and showcase anti-violence signboards.

“Reported cases were four times as much during MCO,” Kavaramma lamented. “Despite many factors that can lead to domestic violence, economic constraints and job losses are few that need to be handled with care.

“Apart from women being primary victims of abuse, the men do not escape from being targeted too, although the percentage is very small. Abuse also involves children, parents, maids and the disabled (OKU),” she added.

The programme was held to increase awareness towards the causes of abuse against women and ways to prevent them via distribution of flyers to the public.

Kavaramma suggested that besides knowing the effects of violence, the public also should familiarise themselves with acts of law in handling any possible violence inflicted towards themselves.

“All forms of violence, especially against women are a joint responsibility. Anyone may report a case by contacting 019 261 5999 via WhatsApp, ‘Talian Kasih 15999’ or the One-Stop Crisis Centre (OSCC) of Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh,” she advised.

Rosli Mansor


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