Conditions for Islamic Prayers During CMCO

The Perak State Malay Customs and Islamic Religious Council (MAIAMP) released a guideline regarding the implementation of obligatory Friday prayers, congregational prayers at mosques and suraus in the state, along with religious activities during the ongoing Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) to stop the infection chain of COVID-19.

The guideline was released today (November 17).

For areas categorised as Red Zones, Friday prayers are suspended and replaced with Zohor (afternoon) prayers at home.

Obligatory congregational prayers can only be done with a total of six mosque officers and parish committee members. The five mandatory daily prayers (dawn, noon, afternoon, evening and night) shall be maintained.

All other activities such as talks, religious lectures between Maghrib (late evening) and Isyak (night) prayers, including those after dawn prayers, Dhuha (voluntary prayers) lectures, yassin (Quranic) readings and well wishes tahlil (prayers) are also suspended.

For Yellow and Green Zones, obligatory Friday prayers, congregational prayers and other religious activities as listed above are allowed.

The number of followers allowed to fulfill their obligatory Friday prayers and congregational prayers at mosques and suraus are subject to the capacity limit of the prayer hall’s actual width, while adhering to the one-metre social distance for each person based on standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Attendance for both sessions of prayers are only allowed for Malaysian citizens at the moment. Identities of followers who wish to fulfill their prayers at mosques and suraus must be checked and recorded prior to entry into prayer spaces.

Congregational implementation of the five mandatory daily prayers and religious activities at mosques and suraus in the state are open to the public at specially prepared spaces.

Usage of the prayer facilities must abide by guidelines and procedures set by the National Security Council (MKN) and Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia.


Rosli Mansor


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