‘Stop Illegal Dumping’—Dato’ Mazlan Abdul Rahman

The hopes and efforts from Ipoh City Council (MBI) in instilling maintenance of environmental cleanliness among the public is continued with a contribution of two garbage bins to the residents of Ulu Chemor. 

According to city councillor Dato’ Mazlan Abdul Rahman, MBI views issues of environmental cleanliness around and out of town seriously. 

“Illegal dumping, which has been the society’s ill-mannered culture, has to stop. Irresponsibly discarding trash doesn’t only ruin the view but also our quality of health. 

“Hopefully, the contributed garbage bins become a push in realising MBI’s mission in making Ipoh clean, green and progressive.” 

He told reporters after handing over two 660-litre garbage bins to Ulu Chemor Community Committee member, Shamsudin Ramli today (December 15).

Shamsudin conveyed his appreciation to MBI, who said, “As part of the Ulu Chemor community, we feel really lucky to receive the garbage bin from the council. 

“The contribution will surely encourage residents here to continuously maintain cleanliness around,” he added. 

Rosli Mansor 


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