Letter: Do not ignore the importance of contact tracing

Please stop disregarding the need for contract tracing. I have seen individuals who calmly walk into a restaurant without scanning the MySejahtera app or even having the courtesy to write down their details on the log book provided. To make matters worse, they do not even bother to scan their temperature.

The COVID-19 pandemic is nowhere near over. The nation is still recording a high number of cases on a daily basis.

Please do not throw caution to the wind. Record your details via the MySejahtera application. This is the least you can do to assist in contact tracing activities by the government should the worse happen.

I would like to remind everyone that filling up the manual logbook is another way to have your details recorded, but it is not as effective as the MySejahtera application.

One of the reasons is simply because some individuals at times put only their surname and worse, some even put a pseudonym. To top it off, these selfish individuals write their details in a barely legible manner.

We must not lower our guard and throw caution to the wind. Do not adopt a careless attitude.

Malaysians must unite as one. If you come across someone not abiding by the SOPs, please, exercise your civic duty to remind him or her to do so by informing in a polite way.

It is high time Malaysians stand united in the fight against COVID-19, not as selfish individuals who think that contracting the virus only happens to the other person.


Yeap Ming Liong

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