Lorries Illegally Transporting Rubber Wood Seized

The State Forestry Department seized two lorries which were transporting around 500 logs of rubber wood worth RM8,000 without a mover’s license during a patrol around Lenggong on Thursday (January 28).

According to the department’s director, Dato’ Mohamed Zin Yusop, the first lorry was suspected to be transporting loads of rubber wood believed to be sent to wood factories around Hulu Perak District.

“During inspection by the enforcement officers in charge, the lorry driver failed to present any documents from the forestry department that allow forest products to be transported.

“Therefore, the driver was arrested and brought to Lenggong Police Station for further investigations.

“Moments after the first arrest, the officers came across another lorry which was also suspected to be transporting loads of rubber wood at the Gerik-Kuala Kangsar area, which is near Lenggong, without authorisation documents. The driver was also arrested and brought to Lenggong Police Station to facilitate investigations,” he explained in a statement dated today (January 30).

Mohamed Zin added, both lorries were seized and moved to a store in Bandariang, Hulu Perak District Forest Office.

“We’ve lodged police reports regarding the situation while the drivers were released on a bail after their statements were obtained. 

“Both drivers may face charges for offence of transporting rubber wood without a mover’s license under the National Forestry Act 1984 and for not abiding by the Perak State Forestry Director’s Circular Bil.2/2019.

“The case will be followed by investigative officers from the forestry department and then handed over to the deputy public prosecutor for further action.

“The forestry department would like to remind the public that the National Forestry Act 1984 is still in enforcement via monitoring and patrolling despite the ongoing Movement Control Order (MCO) duration,” he stressed.

Mohamed Zin mentioned, starting April 14, 2019, all rubber wood production activities from any owned lands need licensing and will only be taxed for lands that are 40-hectare wide and above.

“Strict actions will be taken on those who don’t comply with the matter,” he reminded.


Rosli Mansor


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