On Ipoh Food: Meat Cartel


By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen

Meat Cartel

SeeFoon Visits A Carnivores’ Heaven

Some wag once said that “Becoming Vegetarian is a Big Missed Steak” and every once in a while I am inclined to agree.

Generally I lean more towards fish and vegetables but when a big platter of meat is put in front of me, all my gustatory juices start flowing and I will tuck in like a cavewoman to make any caveman worth his labours proud.

Thanks to Nicholas Poh, I was alerted to a meat lover’s heaven in Meru Raya.

At Meat Cartel, you don’t need a PHD in rocket science to figure out what is on offer. There is meat and there is meat and more meat. Grilled, pulled, barbecued, smoked, sausaged and drizzled with their secret recipe sauce, this is a meat fanatic’s paradise.

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