Two Individuals Trapped in Heavy Water Current, No Injuries

Two individuals were trapped in a heavy water current at Dusun Sg Meru earlier today (May 5).

According to a spokesperson for the Perak Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM), a distress call was received at around 6.04pm.

“A squad from the Meru Raya Fire and Rescue Station was rushed to the scene.

“Upon arrival, they found that the victims, a mother, 47 and her daughter, 19, were holding onto their Toyota Vios car which was stuck at the side of the current to prevent themselves from being washed away.

“The squad used two rescue ropes to anchor themselves to a tree. The rescuers then moved to the victims slowly along the current’s direction, using the ropes.

“The victims were then provided with life jackets and subsequently pulled to the anchoring area by the rescue team. 

“Both victims were safe and didn’t sustain any injuries. Their vehicle wasn’t washed away either as the current had started to subside gradually,” he elaborated.

The operation which ended at around 7.19pm was led by Senior Fire Officer II Nor Azam Abdul Rahman.


Chris Teh


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