Small Bites and Big Delights with SeeFoon: Pies Are Square


By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen

Small Bites and Big Delights with SeeFoon

SeeFoon finds Love at First Bite 

Foo Hoong Ming or known as Ming for short, grew up in Ipoh and always had a hankering for pies. His favourite pie was the chicken pie from the iconic Beacon Point and when Beacon Point hung up their apron for good, it was truly saddening for him. Searching throughout Ipoh for that inimitable taste, he found that he had yet to eat a pie in Ipoh that could compare. 

He then decided to take up the challenge and replicate the nostalgic taste of his youth and started Pies Are Square. With his sister and encouraged by his mother Fay Eu Foo, he began making pies from their home in Jalan Keliling.

Some of you may be wondering why their pies are square, if you thought it was because  they are hipsters trying to make something trendy you would only be half right. The main reason is for zero pastry wastage as puff pastry cannot be re-rolled without losing its light and fluffy texture. Trimming off the corners to make round pies creates a lot of wastage. Plus, you’ll love the extra crispy corners!

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SeeFoon Chan-Koppen has been writing a food column called Musings on Food in the Ipoh Echo since 2009. It is widely read both in print as well as online which receives more than 1 million hits a month. Her forte is in communications, having honed her skills after graduating from the University of Singapore where she worked for the Straits Times Group and was a food critic for the New Nation. Her knowledge of food and cooking come from more than 30 years in the hotel industry based in Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong and subsequently Kuala Lumpur. During this time, she has travelled all over the world and eaten at the best and worst restaurants. She is totally intimate with the subtleties and nuances of most cuisines of the world having been involved in opening over 50 hotels throughout the Asia/Pacific region and China where she helped to conceptualize Food and Beverage themes and critiqued on food quality. SeeFoon calls herself a global citizen and now chooses the serenity and friendliness of Ipoh to the bright lights of the many cities she has lived in. She also loves the food in Ipoh and is passionate about telling the world about it.

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