Three Hud-hud Fledglings Flew Out of Nest

The breeding of Hoopoes, also known as the Hud-hud, was a success in Taiping when three fledglings flew out of their nest last week.

Yang Dipertua of Taiping Municipal Council (MPT), Khairul Amir Mohamad Zubir explained that the success marked another historical highpoint in the breeding of bird species which involved the collaboration of MPT, the zoo department, the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia, Nature Educational Society (NEST) and several members of the Taiping Birding Community.

“The first phase of the Hud-hud observation programme began when a pair nested and bred at the Taiping Lake Gardens from April 5 till May 17. 

“The monitoring is done daily over 24 hours by staff members of the tourism, public relations and corporate section of MPT, staff members of Zoo Taiping, industrial training students and volunteers. 

“Officers are still continuing the surveillance works in order to carry out the second phase which involves the monitoring of the Hud-hud family’s activities and recording of technical data,” he shared in a media statement today (May 20).

MPT will also implement the third phase which is the writing of technical reports and data documentation which is expected to take two months. It will be led by the Director of Zoo Taiping & Night Safari, Dr. Kevin Lazarus, together with NEST.

The pair of birds made use of a hole of a Jemerlang tree (also known as Batai Laut) at Taiping Lake Gardens as its nest for hatching.

The height of the nest from the ground is 3.6m while the nesting hole is 59.3cm in depth, enough to accommodate an adult female Hud-hud together with three babies.

The pair of birds would look for food at a distance of between 10m to 192m away from their nest.

Khairul Amir congratulated and expressed his gratitude to all involved in the Hud-hud breeding project.

“The experience of more than 40 days with the Hud-Hud family has given new experience and benefits to us besides being able to spice up the ecotourism in this district,” he added.


Rosli Mansor 


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