Food Aid by MBI with Daboba Malaysia and KSKMP

Some 125 Gerbang Malam stall owners received food aid from the Ipoh City Council (MBI) via their MBI Prihatin programme in a joint effort with Daboba Malaysia and the Perak Media Sports and Welfare Club (KSKMP).

According to the Mayor of Ipoh Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin, this was due to stall operators having their sources of income cut following implementation of the ongoing Movement Control Order (MCO).

“This also includes other night market stall operators in the city who have been out of business for more than a month.

“It has always been MBI’s focus to tend to the welfare of those who fall under that category. We’ll do our best in helping tremendously affected Ipohites and also to prevent the increase of drifters in the city.”

He told reporters during a media session after the contribution programme at MBI headquarters today (July 6).

Also present were founder of Daboba Malaysia, Jordan Choong and the president of KSKMP, Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali, among others.

“Daboba is taking part in the ongoing White Flag campaign by providing 1,000 rice packs daily to those in need.

“We would like to thank our loyal customers who’ve been supporting us since our establishment in 2018. It’s high time that we give back to the underprivileged during these extremely tough times,” Jordan said.

Meanwhile, 30 stringers from various media outlets in Perak also benefited from the contribution programme.

“On behalf of the journalists, thank you to all parties who looked after the media’s welfare. 

“The contributions have definitely lessened the burdens of journalists who’ve been out of work and income due to the pandemic,” Rosli Mansor expressed.

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