‘Spirit of patriotism, a Sign of Solidarity in Fighting the COVID-19 Crisis’—Saarani Mohamad

Menteri Besar of Perak, Dato’ Saarani Mohamad called on the people to instill a high spirit of patriotism in conjunction with this Merdeka month. 

According to him, the spirit of patriotism is not only an important element for an independent nation, it also builds harmony among the people of various races.

“In conjunction with the national month and the Jalur Gemilang campaign this year, I call on all levels of the people to together ignite the spirit of patriotism as a sign of our solidarity in fighting the COVID-19 crisis.

“Let us together enliven this national month celebration by flying the flag at home, office buildings, business premises and even on our vehicles. The Jalur Gemilang symbolizes our loyalty and unity as Malaysians,” he said in a speech at the National Month Launching Ceremony and the Fly the Jalur Gemilang Campaign at the Perak Darul Ridzuan Building today (August 11).

The ceremony, also broadcast live online, was attended by the State Secretary, Ahmad Suaidi Abdul Rahim; Executive Councillor for Youth and Sports, Communication and Multimedia, Khairul Shahril Mohamed and other Executive Councillors.

Since August 1, more than 10,000 Jalur Gemilang flags have been distributed simultaneously throughout Perak in conjunction with the launch of the state-level Jalur Gemilang Campaign 2021.

The campaign, which was carried out according to the new norm, was held at the Drive-Thru Vaccination Center (PPV), Stadium Indera Mulia. It is in line with the implementation of the Perak State Vaccination Program.

At the same time, Saarani mentioned that various programmes have been planned in conjunction with the Merdeka month celebration, including the online Merdeka Talk Programme and Info on Wheels Merdeka 10.

“I also welcome everyone’s participation in competitions such as the National Day Public Speaking Competition, National Month Fun, Kahoot-Quiz Online, Smule Patriotic Star, Online Crossword Puzzle, PerakFM Merdeka Celebrity and PerakFM Independence Quiz.

“Thank you to all who always follow and support the programmes that have been prepared to further enliven the celebration of our country’s independence,” he said.


Rosli Mansor


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