On Ipoh Food: SeeFoon Moons over Mooncake

It’s that time of the year again: mooncake time. The time when all the shops vie for the most extravagant or most unusual mooncake accolade of the season.

The dough is simple enough; made of flour, oil and sugar—but it’s the filling that sets one mooncake apart from the other. Traditional fillings are red-bean and lotus paste, salted egg yolk, preserved fruit, and mixed seeds and nuts. As well as this, the relief patterns on the moon cakes are exquisite.

This year, I had the pleasure to taste a savoury mooncake for a change.

I was intrigued when Jason of Makan Nyonya announced on Facebook that he was preparing a savoury version. As the foodie with the ever curious palate, I immediately texted him to try this savoury version as it really piqued my interest.

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For more reviews, go to SeeFoon’s blog at www.IpohFoodDiva.my

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