Military Personnel of 2 RRD Donates Blood in Conjunction with Battalion Anniversary

A total of 250 officers and military personnel of the 2nd Battalion Royal Ranger Regiment (2 RRD) were involved in the blood donation and tahlil (prayers) programme in conjunction with the team’s 58th anniversary recently.

This blood donation programme is to cover the supply shortage of the Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun (HRPB) Ipoh blood bank.

According to the 2nd Malaysian Infantry Brigade, it is to assist and provide support to the framework of efforts to boost the declining blood supply.

“This programme is a collaboration between the Malaysian Army (TD) and the hospital to help cover the blood supply at HRPB and Taiping Hospital.

“It also supports the National Blood Centre and reflects the commitment of military personnel in the interest of the general public,” the team said in a statement on its official Facebook page.

A symbolic presentation ceremony of the blood bank was completed by the 2 RRD operations officers to the HRPB.

Also held was the tahlil programme at the team’s surau to commemorate the anniversary of the establishment of the battalion.

It is also significant as it is in line with the Fifth Pillar of the 28th Army Commander’s Order of the Day (Tonggak Kelima Perintah Ulung Panglima Tentera Darat ke-28), which is to enhance the relationship between the army and the public.


Rosli Mansor


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