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‘Semesta’ Arts Exhibition Highlights Global Issues

Clay on canvas is a unique genre of art and is rarely displayed. 

‘Semesta’, an ongoing arts residency exhibition by the People of Remarkable Talents (PORT) highlights the environmental elements between humans and the universe.

‘Tiang Tanah Air’, a creation of Khalil Muhsain, is made with a combination of materials; clay, iron and water. This artwork mimics the natural process of rock formation which reflects the development of time and its influence on the structure of faith.

Via his work, he wishes to raise questions on the process of transition, phases, memory and loss.

Another attraction is ‘Surface Passage’, one of the paintings that adapts the Gunung Lang recreational park by combining the relationship between the clay material and the rock surface.

These paintings worth up to RM1,800 contain high artistic values ​​as well as implicit meaning, making them must-have masterpieces for art lovers.

Meanwhile, Izzat Azizi made use of discarded plastic materials as inspiration for his work in this exhibition.

Most of his work touches on environmental issues such as the production of toxic waste, water pollution and the threat of micro plastics.

The idea applied through his works was sparked while participating in a garbage cleaning activity in Pasir Bogak, Pulau Pangkor.

In his work entitled ‘Membaik Runtuhnya’, he highlights the repetitive element of 13 footprints made of discarded plastic material.

All in all, this exhibition explores endless global issues. Not only that, it aims to raise awareness among the audience on human negligence and mistakes on the significance of the universe.

The exhibition which educates the public, especially the younger generation, began on September 25 at the PORT Blackhouse building and will run until October 15.

A word of appreciation to PORT for featuring another display loaded with meaningful messages and is beneficial to all.


Rosli Mansor


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