Outdoor Adventure in the Woods

Although interstate travel is permitted, perhaps it is still advisable to avoid joining the crowd at popular tourist attractions to shake off that being cooped up at home feeling. It is wholly possible to enjoy ourselves even around our own home, as there are many other creative ways to get that adrenaline buzz. 


I once again had an opportunity to join another one of Andrew Chen’s weekly trips, this time to Kledang Hill, for a morning hike on October 17. It took me a couple days to mentally and physically recuperate from the ‘excitement’ which explains the delayed writing. 

So, did I manage to catch the sunrise? 

No, but that is not the point. We started our leisure hike at around 7am, minutes before the sun woke. My gaze went to the sunrise as it ascended above the horizon and hit my face. We were off to a chilly morning, which I suppose was influenced by the persistent morning breeze blowing over the hills. 

After just 20 minutes of strolling, I could already feel myself trying to catch my breathbut of course I did it discreetly, no eyes watching because everyone else was busy climbing the steep trail.

Once I got used to the strain, though, I began hearing birds chirping on the trees, accompanying my entire journey in the forest. We were surrounded by beautiful terrains and lush greenery as we made our way up the hill. It sure was a refreshing change of pace and scenery, though all the climbing and walking got me sweating buckets! 

However, my plan to make a U-turn halfway through could not be executed due to my problem with remembering routes. Plus, according to the outdoor enthusiast, Jia Jun, who also runs a running group (TRJ Runner group), it is not advisable to turn back halfway as there is a chance that we might lose our way in the woods. 

Oh, on my way down the steep trail of tiny branches and rocks on the ground, I managed to capture some breathtaking views that almost look like they are shying away in the bushes. 

We also took a short break at a waterfall with clean and clear water. 

To be frank, I am not big into such adventures, yet I am always excited to be a part of Andrew’s outings (if you’re curious, come and find out why yourself!). I had a great time enjoying the outdoors and appreciating our enthralling hills. 

Not to brag, but I consider myself lucky to have met someone as lively and interesting as Andrew. 

My first trip with him was an exploration to the caves. Believe me, the thrill is not something one can forget, in a good way. So, all the more reason to join him and be a part of his little adventure-seeking community!

Now let’s hear what Andrew has to say about his excursions.

“What I enjoy most about hiking is that it gives us a perfect opportunity to bond with our friends and family as the fact that we have all been so busy with our lives seems more indisputable now.

“It would be nice to reconnect with family and close friends. The shared experience can bring us closer to one another,” he said.

Remember to check out his FB page for more adventures. 


Gisele Soo


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