Ipoh Humanitarian Par Excellence

I had just sent out the appeal to my various chat groups after it was published on the Ipoh Echo website. The IWFS (International Wine and Food Society) membership chat group was the last on my list but lo and behold, within 20 minutes of my sending, I had a response from Chloe Lee, Dato’ Lee Seng Hee’s charming daughter, saying that Team Keris Berhad would be happy to sponsor the total sum of the wheelchair for Jenny Pong. 

Under the auspices of Soroptimist International (SI Ipoh) which has successfully raised funds to kickstart Jenny’s curry paste business a few years ago, this appeal for a new wheelchair for double amputee Jenny could have taken quite a long time to reach the requisite amount if not for the generosity of Dato’ Lee Seng Hee and his wife Datin Irene Lee. 

Datin Irene personally handed over the cheque to SI Ipoh President, Kimberly Tan today.

I have often been asked why I decided to settle in Ipoh and I have always replied, “Because Ipohites are warm and caring and generous to a fault.” Dato’ Lee and Datin Irene are prime examples of what I mean. 

Below is an open letter from Dato’ Lee Seng Hee, Group Executive Chairman of Team Keris Berhad, to Jenny Pong. 

All excess funds which came in response to the appeal will be used to buy her daily necessities. 



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