Garbage Collection Issue in Ipoh to be Solved

Beginning tomorrow, the operation of domestic garbage collection in the city will be taken over fully by the Ipoh City Council (MBI) following issues faced by the appointed contractor company. 

The temporary takeover is carried out to prevent problems arising from garbage collection works in an effort to overcome the current situation. 

Mayor, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin said this step is expected to overcome the garbage collection issue in mid December.

“MBI will also make use of some of the newly purchased lorries and machinery, besides the addition of workforce, to facilitate the operation.

“Throughout the period, MBI personnel will carry out garbage collection as scheduled,” he stated.

Since September, MBI has had to reschedule the operation of domestic garbage collection following workforce issues faced by the concession company including personnel infected with COVID-19.

However, the rubbish collection issue of the concession company is still unresolved, causing complaints from city folks when rubbish piles are left uncollected for up to several days.

Besides domestic garbage, the issue of illegal dumping also persists due to the apathetic attitude of some residents. 

In another development, Rumaizi explained that the upgrade project of the sewage pipe chain involving several locations in the city is only expected to be completed in June 2023.

However, he said that the MBI always keeps track of the works’ progress which is also part of the city development plan.

“This is a government project carried out by the appointed contractor, not MBI. However, like Ipohites, we also want it to be completed earlier.

“The closure of part of the road and route has to be done. It is hoped that users will understand the necessity of the matter for future development,” he added.


Rosli Mansor



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