Perak Recorded 12 Imported Cases of COVID-19 Yesterday

A total of 12 imported cases of COVID-19 from out of country were recorded in Perak out of the overall 172 new cases recorded by the State Health Department yesterday.

However, no details on the source or locality of infection were provided other than the name of the district.

According to the official Facebook page of the State Health Department, there were 10 active clusters in the state recorded throughout last week.

Only one cluster recorded new cases yesterday, which was the Batu Empat Kamunting cluster with four cases amounting to a cumulative total of 16 cases. 

“Cumulatively, these 10 active clusters recorded a total of 207 cases with the highest being Batu 10 Lekir Cluster (47 cases) and Jalan Seramik Chepor 11/6 (36 cases). 

“Out of the 172 new infections, the highest number of patients were for category 2 (89% or 153 cases) followed by category 1 (17 cases),” the statement mentioned. 

The total number of patients undergoing treatment was 1,604 with 11 patients in the intensive care unit. No death was recorded.

Kinta remains as the district with the highest number of positive COVID-19 cases with 51 cases, followed by Larut Matang Selama (31) and Manjung (29). 


Rosli Mansor


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