MBI and Kinta Properties Repair Houses of Storm Victims

As part of the MBI Prihatin programme, the Ipoh City Council (MBI) has joined forces with Developer Kinta Properties Sdn Bhd  to repair the homes of families affected by a freak storm that struck just before Chinese New Year, bringing the Taman Tasek Damai residents much relief.

Pledging an initial sum of RM40,000, Kinta Properties will carry out repairs as well as improvement works on 44 houses at Jalan Tawas Baru 2 and Jalan Tawas Baru 12 over the course of a week.

According to Mayor Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud, the sum is to cover the replacement of roof tiles and zinc.

“The repair works which have begun today are expected to be completed next Saturday by the employees of Kinta Properties.

“About half of the 44 houses here have already been repaired by their owners and as such, we will carry out improvement and touch-up works on them. Those that have not been repaired will be fixed in the shortest time.

“We are able to keep the cost of repairs low as work will be carried out by Kinta Properties themselves without the need to appoint any contractors,” said Rumaizi.

He also added that besides Taman Tasek Damai, repairs will also be carried out on two damaged houses at Kampung Tawas. It will begin as soon as the new house plan is finished.

He said so when monitoring the works at Taman Tasek Damai together with the Director of Kinta Properties, Edwin Tan Beow Aik.

Present were MBI Council Member, Mohd. Rafaad Razali and MBI Principal Assistant Director of Engineering, Arif Mohd Zainudin.

Meanwhile, Edwin shared that his party is concerned about the situation of the affected residents and the repair is done as a corporate social responsibility.

“Kinta Properties is ready to add more allocation should there be additional needs as there may be houses which are severely damaged.

“The effort of MBI in repairing damaged houses provides relief to residents in view of the high cost for repair,” he said.

Kamarul Hisham Ahmad Salaluddin, 35, who works at a factory expressed utmost gratitude to all who stepped forward to reduce the residents’ burdens.

“A part of the roof is damaged. In fact, I had used RM3,000 to purchase items like tiles and zinc,” he said.

Having lived in the area for three years, Kamarul is relieved that the repair works are done immediately.


Rosli Mansor


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