No Shortcut in the Journey to Pain-Free Neck and Shoulders 

Having neck and shoulder aches from long hours in front of a screen? 

The main culprit of ‘tech neck’ (persistent neck pain that is caused by repetitive strain and injury to the muscles and other tissue structures of the cervical spine) or shoulder strain is most likely caused by working in front of a computer for long periods of time. 

The new culture of working from home further reinforced the issue that has been overlooked for far too long. A widespread solution and a conventional way out of the discomfort is through medications such as painkillers, injections or a surgery. 

However, Keith Chung and Yasmin Lee, founder and co-founder of Movement Solutions (previously known as Fitness Rebels), shared with us through their latest Health Literacy Workshop held today (March 6) with the support of AGIS Mobility and Perak Women for Women Society (PWW) that in reality, oftentimes you can defeat musculoskeletal pain with proper corrective exercises. 

This workshop serves as a preventive measure and a solution for women struggling with consistent neck and shoulder discomfort. Having the right skill on hand and the knowledge to resolve the problem is one way to walk out of the pain.

According to Yasmin, one can start off with three simple steps. Women were taught to conduct postural and movement assessment and analyse them. Later, they learned to apply proper corrective exercises without collecting more injuries. 

For instance, what if a person is suffering from strain on their shoulders and neck despite their X-Ray and MRI readings turning out fine? 

Yasmin said if that’s the case, the person is probably going through musculoskeletal pain and it cannot be identified through X-Ray or MRI scans. “So, what you should do now is look into the way your body moves.”

Participants were given a set of Move Well starter kit consisting of a foam roller and massage ball. In the two-hour session by coach Keith Chung, each of them were taught to conduct self Myofascial Release techniques, stretching techniques, effective activation exercises to strengthen the weakened muscles, and integrate functional movement to achieve body movement synchrony. 

Everyone was also granted access to the ‘Movement Solutions’ App.

Keith Chung (left) distributing goodies to a participant

A graduate of the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Chung has been a trainer since 2018. He has handled clients with various conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis, as well as a three-times stroke survivor, cancer survivor and Perak’s Taekwondo team. 

The trainer’s specialty is helping people create a pain-free body through movement.

The workshop was conducted by a team of five members: Keith Chung, Yasmin Lee, Chen Wai Yi, Annie Chan and Lilian Lim.

Here’s a piece of advice from Yasmin: 

Never underestimate the power of movement, good posture and functional breathing patterns. Because regardless of what you want in life, be it to be successful in your career, build a healthy relationship with your dear ones or to create a healthier body, you will need a functional and pain-free body to achieve them. And STOP seeking for a temporary fix and set your lens longer instead. 

The success of the workshop also goes to PWW for bringing in the participants and contributing goodies. 

Kindhearted public members donated the starter kits provided to the participants and AGIS sponsored the goody bags. 

LEC Eye Center also sponsored some flasks which gave them an opportunity to play games with the participants. 


Gisele Soo


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