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Beyond Sashimi and Sushi

It was in Tokyo many many moons ago that I had my first taste of sushi and sashimi. At first bite I had issues with the texture and the ‘rawness’ of it but together with the wasabi and the shoyu, I soon became smitten.

In those halcyon days, I was an impoverished freelance writer and model; sushi was expensive, especially as I developed a penchant for Toro, Uni and Ikura (some of the more expensive items). So my education in sushi and sashimi appreciation took a fair amount of time as I had to save up for a meal.

At the time, Japanese food was relatively unknown around the world (early 70s) unlike today where there is at least one Japanese eatery in every shopping mall in all parts of the world.

Today however, I am wary of eating raw fish as horror stories abound about parasites, liver flukes and the like as well as the dreaded hepatitis which may lurk in your piece of raw fish. So I choose my Japanese restaurants with care and focus on a mainly seared or cooked meal.

The newly opened Roku Japanese Sake & Dining has a lovely ambiance decorated with Japanese lanterns and colorful posters on the walls. The tables are well spaced out and the service is prompt.

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