Hazmat Team Removes Chemical Spill Along Jalan Maxwell

Firemen carried out an operation cleaning up a chemical spill found at the road shoulder along Jalan Maxwell at Taman Idris this morning.

The spokesperson of the operations room of state fire and rescue department informed that the department received an emergency call regarding the incident at 9.50am.

A team of personnel with machinery from the Ipoh Fire and Rescue Station was sent to the location, aided by the Hazmat team from the Pasir Puteh Fire and Rescue Station.

“Inspection found that out of the total of 12 blue drums filled with chemicals, four of them were leaking on the road shoulder.

“The chemicals are Bio Terhad AS 40, T- Gum AHG, Royal Process 250T and Octowet 70D.

“The four leaking drums are two drums of T- Gum and two drums of Octowet.”

The Hazmat team succeeded in neutralising the chemicals with water and transferring it into a separate drum before handing over to the Department of Environment for further action.

Cleaning works were conducted to remove the chemical stains from the spill.

The operation led by Senior Assistant Fire Superintendent Mohd Fadzeli Che Hussin ended fully at 12.29 noon.


Rosli Mansor


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