Man Found Drowned at Kampung Tonggang

A man, believed to have fallen at a waterfall area at Kampung Tonggang, Tambun, was found drowned yesterday evening.

The spokesperson for the operations room of the state fire and rescue department informed that the department received an emergency call about the incident at 5.56pm.

A team of personnel with machinery from the Tambun Fire and Rescue Station were sent to the location of the incident. 

“The victim is a 28-year-old Malay male. 

“The search operation was aided by a team of water rescue personnel from the Ipoh Fire and Rescue Station and the 69 Komando unit.”

The victim was then found by a diver of the 69 Komando unit at a location where he was believed to have fallen. 

The operation led by the chief of Tambun Fire and Rescue Station, Senior Fire Officer I Shahrudin Abdul Ghani, ended fully at 11.20pm.


Rosli Mansor


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