Viral Video on Clogged Drain: Puncak Emas Infra Sdn Bhd Clarifies the Cause of the Problem

Construction and upgrade activities are among the causes for the drains near the Gerbang Malam night market site to be filled with rubbish.

“A video has been spread on social media, such as Facebook, showing a drain near the Gerbang Malam site, being littered with rubbish. The video was uploaded by the public at 4pm yesterday and became a very serious issue”.

In a statement, Puncak Emas Infra Sdn. Bhd. explained that they had conducted a site visit today at the area near the shop lot opposite the Gerbang Malam site.

According to their Section Manager, Ir. Zainal Othman, the results of the inspection found that there was rubbish mixed with construction waste in the drains.

“There is ongoing construction activity to upgrade the area and it is one of the main causes of this problem,” he said on Wednesday.

He added that the rubbish was only accumulating in the area near the shop lot which is currently being renovated or upgraded. Zainal said that the remaining line of drainage (upstream) is in good condition, with no build-up of rubbish.

“This issue is believed to be due to the construction works in the area, causing the drain to be filled up with sand and building materials that obstruct the water passing through. This blocks the water flow, especially during the rainy weather, causing the garbage to accumulate in the said area,” he said.

Therefore, to resolve this problem, he said that Puncak Emas Infra Sdn. Bhd. has taken the initiative to clean the garbage pile in the drain.

“It is proposed that the construction works near the reported area should be provided with roro bins (bulk waste containers)”.

“This is to manage and collect the construction waste in an orderly and tidy manner, rather than making the drains as the place to dispose of construction waste,” he added.


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