Yoga is the Best Medicine Against Pain

Do you find yourself having difficulty scaling up the stairs at home? The pain is so agonising that you end up having to sit on a chair for an extended period of time. Lack of physical movement could disrupt the blood flow in the body and aggravate the ache, causing more harm to your physical health.

Physical discomfort hinders and slows down our daily activities, especially when you have a hard time completing a task that requires body movement, to get from one place to another, can make you unable to get things done.

Pain is not an illusion nor is it a temporary emotion. It is a distressing feeling and a real issue that plagues even young people. Some of us find ourselves frequently complaining of persistent muscle or joint ache but often brush it off assuming that it will be OK, “I’m still young, it’s just a minor pain.”.

Here’s why you should heed the words of the TCM practitioner.

After speaking to a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner, Soo Chee Yin, 60, who said that pain will not go away if you don’t treat it. The longer you wait, the more likely it will affect your movement, turning into a much bigger problem.

Soo’s TCM journey began in 2005 when he shifted from his engineering career to become a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. He knew he was destined for a different kind of life when he met K.R.I. Jagadish, a yoga guru proficient in nutritional medicine in Brunei. Full of commitment and dedication, he studied with this guru and brought his knowledge back home in order to share it with others.

Soo found that yoga can help do away with joint pain. True enough, many of those who had a taste of his yoga lessons, experienced tremendous relief and became inspired to continue the exercises.

How did it all start?

Soo spent some years consulting with patients at the Pertubuhan Pengurusan Rumah Warga Tua Anning and noticed many of them came back with similar pain issues. The pains would subside after acupuncture treatment but if not rehabilitated, they found themselves back to square one.

People neglected the need to exercise or even if they didn’t, they were doing it wrongly.

“I have been treating patients of all ages for many years at the centre. Although acupuncture has greatly eased their pain, the problem didn’t really go away.They put in the effort to exercise but the puzzling part was choosing the right one for themselves.

“Health and wellness is of paramount importance. I have had a strong interest in the subject, particularly to maintain good health since I was a school kid. And many people in my life have helped open my eyes to it,” he highlighted.

So he thought to himself, perhaps it’s time to extend his hand further by organising a weekly yoga session for free to empower the community. Certain activities can be a way to get rid of recurring pain and are good for relieving muscle or joint ache, but when topped with the right exercise, it is the perfect antidote to pain.

From a small circle of only 10 students, the yoga class has blossomed into a happy crowd of over 50 members now. The hall is filled with people enthusiastic to take up yoga as a weapon against pain! Currently, the class is taught by a passionate friend of Soo, Ng Wai Chong, who has been in this yoga business for 10 years.

So if you think you are up for a change or just want to pick up another form of exercise, call up the centre’s office to register at 05-3111223, 05-3137223 and yoga your way to painfree health for free!

Pertubuhan Pengurusan Rumah Warga Tua Anning was founded by Shi Kong Chan in 2002 and is currently managed by Shi Yan Cheng and Shi Yan Shan.

Gisele Soo

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