Disability Does Not Stop Lee Chee Hung As A Street Artist

Lee Chee Hung, 24, who is better known as ‘Afiq’ among the local residents is not at all shy in promoting himself to the public through brochures to advertise his portrait painting services around the Kuala Kangsar Valley area.

“My real name is Lee Chee Hung but many Malay friends and people here call me Afiq. They say it’s easier to say.

Afiq’s daily routine is to travel from his home in Sungai Siput to Kuala Kangsar by bus for the opportunity to receive orders from the public.

“I paint portraits of people who come here (Kuala Kangsar Valley), or the Taman Lintang night market, Sungai Siput with a certain fee according to the type,” he said.

After having a conversation with him, it was understood that this young man is a person with special needs or a person with a learning disability (OKU), which can clearly be detected by his way of speaking, which is not clear and needs to be listened to carefully.

Afiq said that he studied the art of drawing portraits at SMK Muhibbah @ Sekolah Seni Malaysia Perak and started producing portraits with cartoonish elements.

According to one of the other painters there, Rahim or also known as Angah, Afiq has his own talent and despite such a situation, he is persistent in earning a living with his efforts.

He also said that his talent can be honed to a higher level, because he has the will and shows a deep interest in the art of painting.

“I have known Afiq since five months ago, at that time I had just become a street painter in the Kuala Kangsar Valley.

“Admittedly, he has problems in terms of conversations because he is a person with special needs. But he can be independent and is not nervous in front of people.

Meanwhile, when commenting further on the field of street painting in Perak, Angah said it is still not widely practised, compared to other states. He said that he had previously practised his painting activities in Ipoh, but returned to his hometown in Kampung Jerlun Tambahan to continue his career as a street painter.

“At first, drawing is a bit of a pain, but over time, when you learn more through YouTube, you will get the best portrait results,” he said.

Those who want to support and get Afiq’s services, can call directly at 011-2154 4286.

by Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

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