Jaguh, The Newest Attraction at Lost World Of Tambun

After the ‘Wedding Of The Year’ between two hippopotamuses, Jiwang and Juwita in April last year; Lost World Of Tambun (LWOT) Water Theme Park is celebrating the debut of ‘Jaguh’, the first child of the hippo couple.

Executive Director of Sunway Theme Parks, Calvin Ho said ‘Jaguh’, who was born on 18 June 2022, will become a new attraction at LWOT, especially in the coming school holidays.

“Jaguh is the name given to this two-month-old baby hippopotamus and we are excited to celebrate its debut as a continuation of the tradition of the Malay community.

“LWOT gave the public the opportunity to name this baby hippopotamus through a vote on our social media page.

“We received a total of 1,000 entries throughout the country. We have decided the name Jaguh is the most suitable after a round of judging by a jury.

“Thank you to Perhilitan for always supporting our efforts in ensuring that all programs run smoothly. Jaguh is now safe and healthy and can be seen actively interacting with our rangers,” he said in a press conference after the opening event today.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Perhilitan Malaysia, Dato’ Abdul Kadir Abu Hashim said the uniqueness of LWOT which is surrounded by the natural greenery of limestone hills, which is recognized as one of the geopark areas, has the potential to become a zoo comparable to the zoo in Singapore.

“LWOT has compatible habitats for animals because it is surrounded by the greenery of nature in addition to careful and continuous care.

“Looking at the meticulous care from the LWOT management of the existing animals, it is possible that we will add some more species of animals in the future,” he said.

Some of the other activities that will be held are special performances on National Day and Malaysia Day, parades and goodwill performances every day until Merdeka Day and the musical “Tin Story”.

by Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

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