Highly dangerous to jog on shoulder of main roads

Exercise enthusiasts need to realise that jogging on main roads is a highly dangerous affair. It is not unusual to see joggers especially early in the morning in residential neighbourhoods and parks. However, there seems to be an increasing trend of joggers using the shoulder of main roads with high traffic volume, as their circuit.

Just the other day I witnessed a jogger in full gear, which includes technical clothing and a flashing running light jogging along the road shoulder of the busy main road in Klang, Selangor and he did all this with and not against the flow of traffic .

I must say there is nothing wrong with the concept of exercising and staying healthy. I support and condone the activity. However, there is a suitable time and place for doing so and that is in a park or a controlled circuit.

Please do not play dice with danger. It is obvious that the joggers are probably trying to simulate a marathon or running event, which are usually conducted in a controlled manner, and this includes cordoning off and maybe even closing certain main roads used as the running circuit.

In instances like this, emergency services are on standby while the police control and direct the traffic to protect the safety of the marathon participants. If one a jogger, be it alone or in a pack, decides to train for an upcoming event or even jog for leisure, please do so responsibly. Do not treat main roads as your training ground. There is no need to create unnecessary danger to all road users.

I do not deny that the roads are shared by all. However, this common space is not to be misused. Please think in the best interest of safety. I have personally witnessed without any joy, collisions taking place on the roads ranging from fender benders to fatal incidents.

It can be avoided if all road users adopt a mentality that prioritises safety. We have lost enough to the Covid-19 pandemic. We should not be oblivious to the fact that Malaysia logged thousands of deaths due to the virus. Please do not make light of dear life.

No one needs to see, read, and hear of unnecessary bloodshed simply because some irresponsible road user thought it was OK to throw caution to the wind.

by Yeap Ming Liong

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