2,650 Free Bins Distributed to Five Ipoh City Council Areas

In a continuing effort of creating a clean and orderly environment in the Ipoh area, 2,650 units of 120 litre trash cans have been distributed to 5 areas for free.

The areas are Taman Cempaka (Phase 1) in Zone 13, involving 1,007 households. Taman Che Wan in Zone 9 involving 312 households. RPT Bunton 4 & 5 in Zone 7 involving 385 households and Taman Sinfar in Zone 15 involving 492 households.

The distribution was completed by the Councillors together with the Residents’ Representative Committee of the Zones concerned, through the Programme for Cultivating the Practice of Using Trash Cans Among Ipoh Citizens.

They consist of Councilor Kamarulzaman Abdullah for Zone 13, Norul Huda Ahmad for Zone 9, Ganesan Athinarayanan for Zone 7 and Tony Khoo Boon Chuan for Zone 15.

Meanwhile Councillor for Zone 1, Datuk Mazlan Abd Rahman, who is also the Chief Whip of the Council has distributed 76 trash cans in Tanjung Sentosa Park.

On Sunday, a total of 378 units were distributed in Kampung Cik Zainal (Phase 2), Tanjung Murni and Chemor Muhibbah.

A pamphlet entitled ‘Preparation of Garbage Bins in Business Premises and Residential Houses’ was also distributed to each bin recipient.

This is an ongoing effort by the Ipoh City Council (MBI) to increase public awareness about the correct method of disposing of garbage.

The practice of using trash cans needs to be made a culture among the citizens of this city in order to improve the quality of the environment as is the aim of the Ipoh City Council.

by Rosli Mansor Bin Ahmad Razali

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  1. I am pleased to learn that Ipoh City Council has supplied garbage bins to each household. I only hope that the house owners will honor their duty to dispose of their garbage according to the disposal policy.

    I do not live in Ipoh but in Calgary, Canada. Each resident is supplied with a Black Bin for garbage, Green Bin for decomposed materials such as tree branches, leaves, home discarded veg, tea leaves, meat, and bones to name a few. The Blue Bin is for recycling papers, tins, bottles, plastics, etc.

    Pamphlets with pictures and instructions on what are to be in what bins. Resident Addresses are written on the containers of each.
    If the bins are abused and materials are not disposed of as per policy, this can be reported and the homeowners will have a fine. We all want to live in a clean city and environment and it is up to the individual to be educated. There is an option to have a homeowner to be reminded of the days of collections e.g. My Black Bin garbage will be picked in my district on Thursday. Green and Blue Bin contents will be picked up on Friday. All information on the contents of each bin is available on the city website if one is not sure.
    Paint in tins in 1 gallon to 5 gallons, oil, and batteries to be taken to the fire stations for disposal.

    It is time that the Malaysian Government and the Government of each State to spend the taxpayers’ money in a positive structure to keep the environment clean and healthy.

    BTW, I would like to see Public Washrooms or Toilets clean and free to visitors. This is important to me because I am a retired nurse and Singapore is a good example to keep their country clean in all departments. I like to see Malaysia improve the cleanliness of public toilets in stores and shopping malls to be mandatory.

    Keep up the good work Council. I like to smell fresh air instead the staunch of garbage on my next return to visit my family.

    Thank you for your hard work.

    Mee Wan

  2. Good day Mee Wan. Glad to see you’re keeping up with presumably, your hometown news.

    Hopefully we will one day progress to where segregating garbage by category will be the norm as well. For now, having adequate garbage bins and as you said, clean public toilets, is already a step in the right direction.

    I hope you’ll have an enjoyable hometown visit.

  3. I received my free dust bin last week. Thank you MBI . But I feel they are very deep. Hard to retrieve rubbish at the bottom especially if you are short. Are these type of dustbins collected mechanically using single driver lorries? ( Like those in Melbourne )

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