Perak gave a total of RM480,000 in incentives for Sukma XX MSN athletes

by Rosli Mansor

A total of RM480,000 has been allocated for the provision of incentives to the Perak athletes of the Malaysian Games (Sukma) XX MSN 2022.

The presentation of the incentive was given following the success of the athletes through 21 sports categories in their respective sports in promoting the name of Perak at the Sukma XX MSN last September in Kuala Lumpur.

This included ASEAN athletes who represented the state and country in Surakarta, Indonesia, at the end of last July.

According to the Menteri Besar of Perak, Datuk Seri Saarani Mohamad, the seriousness and dedication of the athletes involved should be given due recognition.

He said, the giving of incentives is hoped to be a source of inspiration and motivation for them to be more successful in the future.

“I am sure that the athletes who are in this hall have given their best and shown maximum effort while wearing the Perak jersey.

“To achieve success, an athlete requires sacrifice, high commitment and discipline as well as hard work.

“I give due appreciation to all the athletes and management team for the sacrifices they made. May all the sweat and effort be rewarded with success,” he said.

He said this in the text of his speech in conjunction with the Incentive Presentation Ceremony for Sukma XX MSN Athletes and Perak State ASEAN 2022 on Tuesday.

Also present was the Director of the Perak State Sports Council, Mazlan Mohamad.

The text was read by the Chairman of the State Youth, Sports, Communication and Multimedia Committee, Khairul Shahril Mohamed.

In the ceremony, a total of 162 athletes, 62 coaches and 21 managers received incentives for their respective sports categories, including six athletes for ASEAN.

Also, Saarani said, Perak managed to obtain 27 gold, 28 silver and 46 bronze medals, making the total number 101 medals.

“The three main contributing sports to the Perak contingent are Athletics, Judo and Muay Thai. With each sport successfully contributing four gold medals.

“The state government has specialised incentives for athletes who succeed in raising the name of Perak to Sukma, which is the RM 5,000 for a gold medal in the individual category.

“Silver medal is RM3,000 and bronze is RM1,000. For the team category, gold medal is RM2,500, silver is RM1,500 and bronze is RM500.

“For the ASEAN athletes, the individual category for gold medal is RM3,000, silver is RM1,500 and bronze is RM1,200.

“For the team category, the gold medal is RM2,000, the silver medal is RM1,200 and the bronze medal is RM1,000,” he added.

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