Returning to vote at GE15, avoid booking accommodations at the last minute

By Rosli Mansor

Demand for hotel accommodation bookings during the 15th General Election (GE15) which will take place in a few days is expected to increase.

Chairman of the Malaysian Budget & Business Hotel Association (MyBHA) Perak, Zamari Muhyi reminded people who want to travel or return to vote to make early reservations to avoid failure to get a room.

“So far I have received many calls from visitors to book accommodations during the period of the GE15 campaigning activities.

“Based on past experience, hotel bookings will increase as soon as the candidate is named. This is because those involved in GE activities will stay at least 10 to 20 days until the election is over.

“I hope that the early action of making accommodation reservations will be able to smoothen the affairs of the voting day. If they fail to do so, they may be forced to pay for illegal ‘homestays’ or short-term accommodations without a licence.

“If something untoward happens, guests staying may not get the help they need from the local council because the accommodation is not controlled,” he said, while busy managing the entry of tenants at his three hotels in Sungkai, Slim River and Tapah.

Meanwhile, Impiana Hotel’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Normah Ahmad said advance accommodation bookings should be made early to not miss promotional offers from the hotel.

“Indeed it has become the culture of Malaysians where they often act at the last minute to make accommodation reservations and end up harming themselves.

“We often receive last minute bookings not only during the school holiday season but during this election season. I hope that the general election, which is only a few days away, will run as smoothly as possible for those who want to go home to vote.

“In conjunction with this GE month, we are giving a 10% discount for accommodations for three days and two nights.

“Visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy a 10% discount for Maybank card users for ala-carte food until April next year,” he said.

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