Enchanting of Labu Kubong Homestay

By: Rosli Mansor

For those who love nature and want to experience living in a Malay village, the right choice is Labu Kubong Homestay.

Labu Kubong Homestay is located in Lubuk Merbau, Kuala Kangsar, Perak.

Enchanting of Labu Kubong Homestay

The beauty, peace and uniqueness of this area are compared to that of Kundasang, Sabah. This special uniqueness makes it famous among foreign tourists.

In front of the green paddy fields, there is an old traditional Malay house named Rumah Andong Tijah.

You can stay in this traditional house for several days. Feel the freshness of the well water while enjoying the noise of the chirping birds.

Labu Kubong Homestay is one of the most beautiful products in Perak because of its natural beauty in addition to its products such as local fruits that can be enjoyed if it is in season.

Relaxing with the family while enjoying lunch in a wooden hut (gazebo) by the paddy fields creates a wonderful experience to share.

For further information please visit:

Email: homestaylabukubong@gmail.con
Instagram: Labu Kubong Official Homestay
Facebook Page: Labu Kubong Homestay
Facebook: Homestaylabukubong Kuala Kangsar

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