Many not aware of the 2023 Visit Ipoh Year Celebration

By: Zaki Salleh

IPOH – After three months of being launched, many residents of Ipoh admitted that they were not aware of the 2023 Visit Ipoh Year Celebration.

Some of them said that they did not know about the celebration even though it was actively promoted on certain social media sites.

This is because, even if there is such a promotion, it may not be noticed or the publicity that is done fails to attract the public’s interest to be aware of the celebration.

Civil servant, Muhamad Syazwan Mardzuki said he was not aware of the 2023 Visit Ipoh Year celebration because there was no such sign posted.

Therefore, he suggested that efforts to promote the Year of Visiting Ipoh 2023 should be done more earnestly and comprehensively.

“Maybe there is a sign or I didn’t notice it, but I never saw it all along the road in Ipoh city.

“If there is indeed a celebration, as Ipoh citizens we also want to be involved in celebrating it,” he said.

Financial advisor, Leonard Tan said, it would be a loss if the celebration is not promoted vigorously as a tourist attraction.

This is because the number of visitors to Ipoh will double if promotion and publicity are carried out widely.

“Promoting on social media alone is not enough because not everyone uses that medium.

“The authorities should use media such as newspapers, television and others that are closer to the community,” he said.

A similar view was given by Grab driver Izham Tarmizi because he said there was no sign of excitement to show that Ipoh was celebrating something.

“When you say the Year of Visiting Ipoh, it means a year-long celebration. Now that it’s March, we don’t even know what the celebration is.

“It’s good to celebrate, but it’s even better if it involves all levels of Ipoh’s citizens, who are made up of people of various races,” he said.

Previously, the launch ceremony for Visiting Ipoh Year 2023 was held in conjunction with  new year’s eve at the Indera Mulia Stadium grounds here.

The ceremony attended by 10,000 people was officiated by the Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Saarani Mohamad who also officiated the Starvendors Foodtival X #TravelPeraklah 2022 program.

In his speech, Saarani said, the initiative to make 2023 the Year of Visiting Ipoh is a very accurate step to highlight the strength and greatness of Ipoh as one of the must-visit holiday locations.

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  1. Not to be aware is better than to be aware many many times more in every single aspect of it!!

  2. Better to leave Ipoh as it is in a low-key profile than to cope with all the unnecessary influx brought in by outsiders. May Ipoh residents all have their peace of mind! Thank you.

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