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Develop Young Leaders With JCI Kinta

By KT Leong

The Ipoh Children Flea Market event, now known as Bazaar Junior Perak, is back and was officially launched earlier today. This is a flagship project organised by the Junior Chamber International Kinta (JCI Kinta), under their School of Hope programme. It is also co-hosted with “Little Tauke” to provide development opportunities that empower young people and children to create positive change.

Bazaar Junior Perak will be an event whereby children will run their own stalls. They will develop their own product or service and deal with customers themselves. The event, which is open to the general public, will take place on June 10, from 4 pm to 9 pm, at Meow Garden Ipoh, Tambun. There will be about 60 stalls run by the children. Everyone is welcomed and are encouraged to visit and support these children on their entrepreneurial journey.

The main objective of this event is to help build and develop future young entrepreneurs. Bazaar Junior Perak fosters the development of children in four essential areas: Problem Solving, Entrepreneurship, Communication, and Financial Literacy, while also strengthening the bond between parents and their kids.

This event includes a three-hour children financial literacy course and also a corporate visit prior to the actual flea market event, to help all participating children develop basic financial and entrepreneurial skills and concepts. After the actual flea market day, a portion of the profits that the children make will be donated to a designated charity to teach them about compassion and empathy.

The organising chairlady of “Bazaar Junior Perak” and Vice President of JCI Kinta Stephanie Hew Pik Khoon states that this series of programmes can help children to understand the value of money and also how to startup their own business. She believes this event is a start toward building Perak into becoming an entrepreneurial town, by building young entrepreneurs through Bazaar Junior Perak.

With the goal of promoting fair educational opportunities for children from all walks of life, she emphasised the invitation of children from B40 homes, OKU and Orphanages to participate in the event. This action is in accordance with the one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Article 4, which states: “Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning”.

The event co-host and founder of Little Tauke, Ng Pui Yee, stated that entrepreneurship can teach kids about money management, budgeting, and financial planning. Starting and running a business is hard work.  Through Bazaar Junior Perak, kids can learn and understand the value of hard work, perseverance, collaboration and teamwork through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

In addition, the Bazaar Junior Perak event has received the support from YB Steven Chaw Kam Foon. YB Steven Chaw Kam Foon stated that he is very pleased to see the initiative taken by JCI Kinta. He stated that to develop children’s financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills at a young age is very important in order to build a more financially savvy young generation.

The “Bazaar Junior Perak” event is now open for registration for kids ages 6 to 12 via JCI Kinta’s Facebook page. You can enjoy an early-bird promo for the ticket price, RM180 per pax by registering before 30th April. The ticket price includes Business Training, Corporate Visit, Children Flea Market and Giving back to the community.

JCI Kinta welcomes children and parents who are interested in developing their children’s Entrepreneurial Skills.

JCI Kinta are also actively seeking sponsors to fund and support the project. For registration or further information, feel free to contact Organising Chairlady Stephanie Hew (012-5052926), Ticketing Director Joey Heng (019-2649742) or JCI Kinta Local President Tan Teck Yin (010-2322737). Event information can also be found on the JCI Kinta Facebook page,

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