153 buntings/banners, and illegal ads were taken down

By: Zaki Salleh

TELUK INTAN – A total of 153 illegal buntings and advertisements installed in public areas around Teluk Intan were taken down in an enforcement operation yesterday.

The strict action was carried out by the Enforcement Division of the Teluk Intan Municipal Council (MPTI).

Community and Public Relations Division

MPTI informed that it is the result of continuous monitoring and public complaints received.

MPTI will take action on all buntings/banners that hang without permission from MPTI.

The action had to be taken to take down buntings and illegal posters so as not to spoil the scenery in the city.

The offence of placing money loan advertisements, posters and stickers without a license is based on the Local Government Act 1976, Local Authorities Vandalism By-law Section 3(1) (B).

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